MOOON PARTY is the first Space Content Entertainment Company on Earth.

MOOON.PARTY: Elevating Art and Celebration Beyond Earthly Bounds - Kick-off Miami Art Week 2023

MOOON.PARTY, crafted by innovators Kelly Max (Modernist) and Brayden Pierce (Soundromeda), brings a celestial spectacle to Miami Art Week, celebrating the launch of 77,000 cultural artifacts, including 10,000 digital Modernist twins and the sonorous “Capture The Moon (Modernist Edition)”, to the moon via SpaceX Falcon 9, in collaboration with SpaceBlue. This extraterrestrial event and burgeoning entertainment brand promises to weave a tapestry of art, mystery, and cosmic exploration that’s truly out of this world.

Buckle up, Miami! Art Week 2023 promises to catapult festivities into a stratospheric domain with the inaugural MOOON.PARTY, where celestial wonders and earthly delights coalesce into a revolutionary celebration unlike any before.

Under the innovative aegis of Modernist founder, Kelly Max, and Soundromeda founder, Brayden Pierce, MOOON.PARTY was envisioned not merely as an event but a celestial broadcast, connecting the terrestrial and the astral in a celebration of culture beyond our planet. This daring venture emanates from their notable recognition as Artists of the first MOON MUSEUM Lunaprise, which spurred them to elevate their creative expressions to cosmic heights

MOOON.PARTY intends to pioneer an avant-garde entertainment brand, creating a new medium of space content that is stored in the cosmic void and yet, accessible from Earth through pioneering technology, forging a delicate, innovative bridge between the celestial and the terrestrial.

"The boundaries of art and expression are as limitless as the universe itself. With MOOON.PARTY, we are not just celebrating artistic achievement but pioneering a novel journey that intertwines culture, technology, and space exploration. This is our inaugural effort to engrave humanity's creative spirit on the lunar surface, enabling art to transcend earthly confines and perpetually inspire across celestial expanses," says Kelly Max.

In an epic collaboration with SpaceBlue, the official Curator of the Museum, MOOON.PARTY promises to carve out a slice of history. The SpaceX Falcon 9, under NASA’s commission, will transport the IM-1 lunar lander to space, bearing the first-ever cultural payload to the moon, known as the Lunaprise, which holds a whopping 77,000 artifacts symbolizing an array of human cultural accomplishments.

Of these, Modernist contributes significantly by sending 10,000 digital twins, creafted in collaboration between Kelly Max and Artist Partner Samy Halim, into the astral realm, marking an epoch in how we preserve and celebrate our digital and artistic achievements. Moreover, adding a musical dimension to this stellar journey, a special track by Brayden Pierce titled “Capture The Moon (Modernist Edition)” will be part of the celestial payload, symbolizing an intertwining of art and cosmic exploration.

"Music and the cosmos have always shared an intrinsic bond, resonating through time and space. By integrating my track, 'Capture The Moon (Modernist Edition)', into this lunar endeavor, we are harmonizing technological innovation with artistic expression, crafting a melodious bridge between terrestrial and celestial realms. MOOON.PARTY is not merely an event; it's a symphony where art, music, and the universe converge, composing a timeless narrative that echoes through the cosmos," highlights Brayden Pierce.

While the celestial journey paints a cosmic tapestry, down on Earth, MOOON.PARTY ensures a feast for the senses with top-tier artist and designer showcases, live performances, iconic DJ sets, and space mavens, crafting an ethereal enigma that’s bound to redefine festival culture, leaving a lasting impression that will echo through the corridors of time.

Kelly Max and Brayden Pierce are not merely crafting a party; they are inaugurating a multidimensional experience, crafting a fusion of celebration and space content, designed to enthrall the senses and elevate our collective understanding of art and celebration. Be it cosmic wanderer, seasoned art aficionado, or dance floor zealot, MOOON.PARTY beckons you to a universe where art, celebration, and space exploration collide, offering an experience that defies boundaries and redefines celestial celebration.