MOOON PARTY is the first Space Content Entertainment Company on Earth.

MOOON.PARTY: Unleashing a New Era in Entertainment Kick-starting Miami Art Week 2023

MOOON.PARTY, an innovative fusion of music, art, and space exploration, is set to redefine Miami Art Week on December 6, 2023, at the Surfcomber Hotel in South Beach, featuring a lineup of renowned DJs, artistic collaborations, and a unique space-themed narrative.

MIAMI, FL – November 15, 2023 – As the official prelude to the Art With Me Festival, MOOON.PARTY is set to redefine Miami Art Week. This inaugural event, scheduled for December 6, 2023, at the Surfcomber Hotel in South Beach, represents a groundbreaking fusion of art, music, fashion, and space exploration, realized in collaboration with NRVLD.

Musical Odyssey:
The event's heartbeat is its extraordinary music program, featuring a lineup of house DJs. Anticipated highlights include the global premiere of Brayden Pierce's "Capture the Moon (MOOON.PARTY mix)" and performances by renowned DJs such as Knoll Doll, Matt Caines, Dude Skywalker and DJ UZO.

Artistic Vanguard:
The art showcase at MOOON.PARTY transcends boundaries, collaborating with Space Blue and the historic Lunaprise Moon Museum, and bringing them to Miami with the vision of Miami territory partner BitBasel. These exhibits are poised to embark on a celestial journey as part of the lunar missions in 2024.

A Canvas Beyond the Stars:
A highlight of the event includes all participants in a "live art installation documentary," destined for the Lunaprise Moon Museum aboard a SpaceX mission aligned with NASA’s 2024 schedule.

Visionaries at the Helm:
Co-founders Kelly Max and Brayden Pierce share their insights:

Kelly Max remarks, "At MOOON.PARTY, we're creating a cultural lodestar. It's a fusion of extraordinary talents and brands, coming together for a celebration that transcends Earth's boundaries. This event is more than a festival; it's a landmark in cultural history. The moon doesn’t judge, the moon looks at all of us the same."

Brayden Pierce adds, "Where humans go, art is there to define us. Embracing the moon's view offers a beacon of hope for humankind to see past our differences and open our eyes into compassion and kindness.  MOOON.PARTY is more than a celebration.  It symbolises a new chapter for human culture existing beyond Earth."

A Coalition of Creative Powerhouses:

  • Founders: Modernist founder Kelly Max and Soundromeda founder Brayden Pierce
  • Miami Production: NRVLD
  • DJs: Knoll Doll, Matt Caines, Brayden Pierce, DJ UZO, Kate Moon, Dude Skywalker, unannounced top acts
  • Sound bath: BORN I
  • Shows: Romeo Hunte, Jupiter by Brooke Jay
  • Legacy: Lunaprise (The Moon Museum)
  • Archival: SpaceBlue (Moon Museum Curator)
  • Culture: ArtWithMe Festival
  • Territory: BitBasel
  • Talent: Miami DJ Academy
  • Experiences: MetaBurnett,, High Caliber Events, ThrillKicker
  • Documentary: BinghamX, Thomas Trail, Dan Galway

A New Epoch in Cultural Celebrations:
Under the leadership of Kelly Max & Brayden Pierce, MOOON.PARTY combines elite talent, diverse partnerships, and innovative marketing strategies, setting a new standard in cultural events.

Join Us in this Celestial Celebration:
MOOON.PARTY invites you to be part of this historic event, marking a new era of cultural expression and artistic exploration.

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Sylvie Barnett

About MOOON.PARTY:MOOON.PARTY is an innovative festival at the convergence of music, art, and space exploration, uniquely positioned to influence major global events like Art Week Miami, Coachella, F1, and the World Cup.